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CompuBet Users Guide: An introduction to CompuBet’s Point Rating Report.

User’s Guide for Thoroughbreds.

Free Australia PPs, Power Stats, and Handicapping Analysis.

Speed Ratings: You are invited to review this informative report which gives you a detailed
explanation of our speed ratings, how they are produced, and what they mean.

CompuBet Pro for Harness Racing!: More POWERFUL than ever! Now you can adjust the most important handicapping variables. You can create an unlimited variety of customized reports that nobody else will have. Combine the power of CompuBet with your own unique knowledge and theories!

CompuBet Thoroughbred Reports Cover all North American tracks rate every horse in every race.
Check out the latest and greatest T-Bred Handicapping Report now!

Betting Strategies: Explanation of some successful Betting Strategies using the powerful CompuBet

Point Rating Reports in conjunction with the unique Betting Pattern Reports. Included is a favorite betting

strategy: Controlled Progressive Betting.

Clear and Concise Betting Advice: Just a few words to remind you of something you probably already know.


CompuBet History: This is an interesting story about how CompuBet originated, its founders and their vision.

Monthly News and Updates: News and Editorials on betting and website information.


Please be advised that CompuBet.com wager site is no longer in operation as of close of business on January 31, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding your account balance please contact CompuBet@ebetonline.com and someone will assist you. If your address is different from what we have on file we will require proof of address before sending you a check.

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