History of CompuBet


We at CompuBet are very excited about the remarkable success we have enjoyed since our inception back in 1991. Many innovations, new products and upgrades have seen the light of day over these many years.  I think it is important to understand the reasons we’ve worked so tirelessly on this project.

First a bit of introduction:

My name is Steven Mancine. I was a trainer/driver of harness horses for about twenty years. I did not have a family background in harness racing….just a long time interest which evolved into participation. My formal education was in business and accounting, and I have a pretty fair understanding of computers and statistics, etc. I began to pursue a full-time career in harness racing in the early eighties. I enjoyed a good deal of success over the years, more as trainer than driver, although there were a few times when I was placed in the top driver list at Scarborough Downs and Lewiston Raceway.

My partner, long time friend and co-owner of several horses, Gaylord Boutilier, is a retired business man who now devotes much of his time to this project.

CompuBet, by way of introduction, started as a harness racing information publication, whose main feature is the posting of daily computerized ratings (selections) covering virtually all harness tracks throughout the United States and Canada. We have since added a sister thoroughbred product, a wager site, a blog, and many new reports and features. What we started out as is much different than what we are today; and what we are today is probably much different than what we will be five years from now.

Let’s talk about goals.

Every person or organization has many goals and CompuBet is no exception. I will name the more important ones here:

  • To provide a useful information source to horse racing fans around the world.
  • To attract new racing fans and to provide them with a realistic opportunity to enjoy wagering success while at the same time introducing them to the excitement and entertainment of horse racing.
  • To provide reliable and high quality reports, particularly handicapping and selection reports, and wagering strategy summaries, designed to give our subscribers a distinct advantage over other bettors. Our basic theory is that each bettor is pitted against the other bettors. Therefore the best prepared bettors have an increased opportunity to make a profit….at the expense of the other, less prepared bettors.


So where are we in the developmental process?

Well, we have achieved our goal of producing selections for every track in the U.S.and Canada.

Our results are remarkable. Many tracks show a 52% or greater success rate using our first choice for first or second…..WHAT A KEY HORSE FOR YOUR EXOTICS !!And through continued research and statistical analysis, we’re doing better and better with each racing season!

We will continue to refine, revise and modify our products to maximize the advantage our users have over other bettors. I guess you could say that this developmental process will be never ending….that’s what makes it so exciting.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest innovations and new products, coming soon, to an OTB, track, casino, or internet connection near you!

Please be advised that CompuBet.com wager site is no longer in operation as of close of business on January 31, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding your account balance please contact CompuBet@ebetonline.com and someone will assist you. If your address is different from what we have on file we will require proof of address before sending you a check.

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