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  • Strategizer

    The Strategizer ™

    State-of-the-art strategizer! Build your strategies and find a profitable ROI!

  • CompuBet Reports

    CompuBet Reports

    CompuBet Reports consist of cutting edge analysis of all harness and thoroughbred tracks. Giving you The Winning Edge!

  • Kiosk Site

    Kiosk Site

    Our kiosk site for VIP
    members gives you access to all CompuBet reports with just a few simple clicks on an easy-to-use web interface!

Please be advised that CompuBet.com wager site is no longer in operation as of close of business on January 31, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding your account balance please contact CompuBet@ebetonline.com and someone will assist you. If your address is different from what we have on file we will require proof of address before sending you a check.

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