Funding Options

No need to wait for deposits to clear. Use your Master Card and we will reimburse your deposit fee on all deposits of $100 or more.

Other methods include:

  • VISA cards
  • Green Dot Money Pack: (see store locator page)
  • Cashier, Personal Check or Money Order
  • Bank wire
  • Dwolla
  • Pay Near Me at 7-Eleven
  • In-person funding at any Bank of America branch (even if you don’t have an account there!)

Great News!!!

  • CompuBet will reimburse  your GreenDot fee on deposits of $100 or more
  • Pay-Near-Me with 7-Eleven entails a $4.95 fee, but CompuBet will reimburse this amount on deposits over $100.
  • CompuBet will reimburse your service fee on Credit Card deposits of $100 or more
  • Reimbursements for deposit fees may be delayed up to 48 hours to ensure deposits have cleared and wagers have been made.

Instant Credit & Debit (Master) Card Funding!

You can now fund your account instantly with Visa & Master Card Credit or Debit Cards. Use our convenient online submission form, or call customer service (1-877-782-9994); it’s that easy!

Available funds (limits) for these transactions are as follows (you can request a higher limit in writing if you find it convenient):

ACH limits:

$503 per transaction
$1,000 per day
$3,000 per week

Credit & Debit card limits:

$303 per transaction
$1,000 per day
$3,000 per week

For more information or any questions, just let us know at or call toll free 1 877 782 9994.

Please be advised that wager site is no longer in operation as of close of business on January 31, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding your account balance please contact and someone will assist you. If your address is different from what we have on file we will require proof of address before sending you a check.

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