Funding Options

No need to wait for deposits to clear. Use your Master Card and we will reimburse your deposit fee on all deposits of $100 or more.

Other methods include:

  • VISA cards
  • Green Dot Money Pack: (see store locator page)
  • Cashier, Personal Check or Money Order
  • Bank wire
  • Dwolla
  • Pay Near Me at 7-Eleven
  • In-person funding at any Bank of America branch (even if you don’t have an account there!)

Great News!!!

  • CompuBet will reimburse  your GreenDot fee on deposits of $100 or more
  • Pay-Near-Me with 7-Eleven entails a $4.95 fee, but CompuBet will reimburse this amount on deposits over $100.
  • CompuBet will reimburse your service fee on Credit Card deposits of $100 or more
  • Reimbursements for deposit fees may be delayed up to 48 hours to ensure deposits have cleared and wagers have been made.

Instant Credit & Debit (Master) Card Funding!

You can now fund your account instantly with Visa & Master Card Credit or Debit Cards. Use our convenient online submission form, or call customer service (1-877-782-9994); it’s that easy!

Available funds (limits) for these transactions are as follows (you can request a higher limit in writing if you find it convenient):

ACH limits:

$503 per transaction
$1,000 per day
$3,000 per week

Credit & Debit card limits:

$303 per transaction
$1,000 per day
$3,000 per week

For more information or any questions, just let us know at or call toll free 1 877 782 9994.

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