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For What It’s Worth (or let’s talk betting)

Since working on this CompuBet project I have come to learn that there are a few simple rules to follow to avoid losing constantly. And let’s face it, sometimes we will lose, but it is important to minimize those losses so that we can return again tomorrow to WIN!!

Generally, the first thing you need to do is find a handicapping system, process, or guide which can help you actually pick some winners. Since CompuBet will do that for you this discussion will concentrate on the other things you need to do to actually make a betting profit.

Be Selective: You know there are just some races you can’t seem to get a handle on. Maybe it’s that cheap trot where the only horse who has any speed at all has broken stride for the last four races. Or maybe it’s that maiden pace, it’s late October, and there doesn’t seem to be a horse in the race who will ever learn how to win. You know it, but I’ll tell you anyway. You just can’t make money trying to handicap those kinds of races.

Be Disciplined: If your betting strategy says to quit when you get $100.00 ahead then QUIT!!! Even if it’s only the third race. And for heavens sakes, even if you can’t quit, at least don’t increase the amount of your wagers.

Be Consistent: If you are betting certain types of wagers, such as win/place, using choices you have made in advance hopefully, don’t all of a sudden decide to start playing trifectas or exactas. I call it the “zigged when you should have zagged” theory. If you have a reliable and successful betting approach to start with, your time will come to make some hits. You don’t want that time to come right after you decided to change strategies.

And my favorite bit of advice to myself : “Don’t let the odds board influence your choices”. It sounds simple but it’s not so easy to do. Seems like sometimes we would rather bet a losing horse at nice odds than to bet the winner at short odds. I just don’t know why.

My advice is to make your selections before the races even start, and don’t change your mind unless there is a scratch or perhaps a really significant late drive change or something like that. Even then, you have to be very sure that you’re making a rational “OBJECTIVE” decision or you shouldn’t change your bet.

This rule applies not only to the horses you choose, but also to the amounts you wager and the types of bets you make. You should decide all those things before the races start! That’s my advice..try it sometime.

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