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Member Benefits and General Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • New customers, Sign-up bonus (Please refer to our “Latest Promotions” page for current offers.)
  • When a minimum deposit is required, you must first fund your account with that amount or more (multiple deposits that add up to that amount do not qualify)
  • You cannot draw down your account below the combined total of your deposit and our signup bonus until you have wagered at least $500 (our bonuses are intended to help you get familiar with our site, and get a head start on wagering, not to use for withdrawal).
  • Only one sign-up bonus will be paid to any one household, family, IP address, etc., until it has been verified after several weeks or possibly months at our discretion that both are legitimate active accounts!** This will also include any other situation as we deem appropriate
  • Where any player takes advantage of our email submission bonus ($10), or CompuBet.net Free Report Page bonus ($20) these amounts will be deducted from the subsequent signup bonus to which the player becomes eligible.

Inactive Accounts; Fees; Closure

  • Wagering accounts not used by the account holder to make a deposit or place a wager for a period of ninety (90) days will be considered ‘inactive’.  Inactive Accounts may be locked and subject to either: (a) a monthly inactivity fee in the amount of $1.50; or (b) a one-time annual fee not greater than the cumulative monthly inactivity fee. Minnesota residents are exempt from inactivity fees.  An account holder may reactivate an account by contacting Customer Care.  If the account holder fails to reactivate an Inactive Account wagering account within thirty (30) days after the account is locked, or if the account has a zero dollar balance, the account will be permanently closed and the account holder notified.  Funds remaining in an Inactive Account that has been permanently closed will be returned to the account holder or handled in accordance with the laws and regulations of the state of where the account holder resides at our discretion.



There may be additional promotions from time to time and participation in those promotions may stipulate certain conditions with regards to these sign-up bonuses. Check website for details on all new promotions.

Member Benefits

  • Up to 10.5% rewards added to your account DAILY (no minimum wagers required)!
  • Free Race Information Products. See details below
  • Free live streaming video!
  • Free video replays!
  • A variety of funding options, fee-free in many cases.
  • Free access to our forums and blog.
  • Free access to our archived harness and thoroughbred reports.

Restrictions on Withdrawals

  • Customers who draw their account to zero will not be allowed to withdraw any rewards applied the following day. Rewards are given for the purpose of leveraging your wagering power. This restriction also includes rebates for product purchases.
  • If they re-fund their account and make wagers again, the rewards are part of their account as usual, subject to the same condition above
  • We reserve the right to limit withdrawals based on our terms and conditions. We will not allow withdrawals for amounts less than $1.

** CompuBet reserves the right to limit the sign-up bonus to one player per family, household, or IP address, or restrict in any way when deemed necessary to protect the interests of all of our players.

Rewards & Bonuses

Basic Rewards apply to all members regardless of wagering totals.

You will receive a daily credit added to your wager account. The percentages vary by wager type* and track,up to a maximum of 10%. If you would like information on rewards for a specific track, please contact me directly. As a courtesy to our host tracks we cannot publish a “rewards chart” as such  .

** CompuBet reserves the right to reduce any player’s rewards by an amount equal to any charge-backs for negative pool wagers.
*** CompuBet daily rewards and month-end bonuses do not apply to PA residents due to state tax. PA members still have access to our many handicapping products and exclusive applications.

Race Information and Handicapping:


  • Players are entitled to two PPs ($2.50 or less) as long as they wager at least $10 on each card. Advance day programs are excluded!
  • Contact us at customerservice@compubet.com if you feel you need additional products over and above these limits.


  • Best Bets are free to anyone that bets at least $5 on the day (harness), $10 on Thoroughbreds
  • Harness CB Reports are free as long as the player wagers at least $25 on that particular card.
  • Thoroughbred CB Reports are free as long as they player wagers at least $50 on that particular card.

Programs & CompuBet

Players may get both a PP and CB Report for a particular track, but the requirements of wagers will be added. In other words one free PP, plus one free harness CB Report would require a total wager of at least $35

Other Handicapping Products

Many other products are available for purchase on our handicappers store. Your wager account will be charged for these purchases.


CompuBet Forums: In the interest of providing the best possible handicapping and wagering information, CompuBet is constantly developing new and improved information and statistics to give our members an edge over the competition (other players). We believe the best tool is the best information and the better your knowledge and understanding of the races, tracks, and racing intricacies at each venue, the better wagering decisions you can make. Therefore, we have launched CompuBet Forum page where members can share information commentary.

CompuBet Blog: Keep an eye on the editors blog, make comments or suggestions. Use these tools, and we can all benefit from it!

Interactive Race Results Database:
CompuBet has a wealth of past history regarding our ratings, their performance, and the success of various wagering strategies and wager types. We will be expanding that approach to include Thoroughbred races.

We HAVE launched a members-only secured website (STRATEGIZER is HERE!!) where you will be able to querie our comprehensive database in an almost limitless number of ways to find wagering patterns and profitability at any track you choose. You will be able to see the profitability of a trifecta box, or a key, or an Exacta box or wheel, and more, based on your own criteria, using the CompuBet ratings!

This is something no other handicapping of wager site can offer and is probably the biggest reason why you must join us now and get the Winning Edge!!!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions
Please submit your questions to the Editor at customerservice@compubet.com

Happy Wagering!!!

Please be advised that CompuBet.com wager site is no longer in operation as of close of business on January 31, 2023.

If you have any questions regarding your account balance please contact CompuBet@ebetonline.com and someone will assist you. If your address is different from what we have on file we will require proof of address before sending you a check.

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