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Monticello for Wednesday 09/29

  • Anther solid performance! Ten (10) Winners on top in 15 races!!!
  • Straight Exactas = $61 PROFIT
  • Exacta key (top over 3) = $83 PROFIT
  • Trifecta (Top/3/ALL) = eight (8) winning races, small profit.
  • Trifecta key (top over next 3) = $204 PROFIT

Remember, CompuBet’s objective is for our members to make a profit. If you can find a winning, or even a marginal strategy (such as the Tri/3/ALL) and wager consistently, and increase your wagers (“CHURN”), your daily rewards will become a revenue stream! This is how the profit-makers do it, and this is the way YOU can too!!!


This is the most power packed wagering method I have ever tried. It couples the POWER of our HOT Tracks (and you GOLD members know what I am talking about – those daily emails, that give you the reports for 2 or 3 tracks producing high ROIs) with a controlled progressive wager approach.

See the attached report it tells the whole story. Bankroll of $200, final wallet of almost a THOUSAND Bucks!!! Betting only three hot tracks. WOW…!!


CompuBet tabs Huge Bombshell at Saratoga!!

Race#9 on Sept. 9, CompuBet ratings had Gelato Man picked on top with a Morning Line of 4:1, and a PRE of 100 making it a Best Bet opportunity for our loyal followers. Gelato Man and Kim Crawford did not disappoint, launching their attack past the half mile marker after lots of early movement in the race. Gelato Man powered to the lead after the 3/4 pole, and drew off to win by a comfortable margin, going off at 7:1, with 65:1 “Strong Hall” up for 2nd, and 47:1 “Battleshoe Victor” 3rd. Watch the video here:

The Best Bet winner returned $16.40, and CompuBet’s popular exacta key (top pick with next 3) paid $210. But the BIG News is the whopping Trifecta, playing our sensible tri part wheel, top pick with next 3, with all, you’d have collected a cool $2708.00 for your $36 investment.

Best Bets were on FIRE Wednesday, Sept. 7th

If you are not taking advantage of these powerful reports, you apparently don’t like money! The work is already done or you, the handicapping, the cherry-picking, the compilation of the most potent handicapping sheet every published. All you have to do is wager!!

  • Eight WINNERS (out of 14 races) = ROI 39%
  • EXACTA (KEY Top pick over next 3) = ROI 72%
  • TRIFECTA (KEY Top pick over next 3) = 102% (YES…more than DOUBLE your money$$$$$)
  • TRIFECTA (KEY Top with next 3 for SECOND, with ALL) = ROI 86%

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