Monticello for Wednesday 09/29

  • Anther solid performance! Ten (10) Winners on top in 15 races!!!
  • Straight Exactas = $61 PROFIT
  • Exacta key (top over 3) = $83 PROFIT
  • Trifecta (Top/3/ALL) = eight (8) winning races, small profit.
  • Trifecta key (top over next 3) = $204 PROFIT

Remember, CompuBet’s objective is for our members to make a profit. If you can find a winning, or even a marginal strategy (such as the Tri/3/ALL) and wager consistently, and increase your wagers (“CHURN”), your daily rewards will become a revenue stream! This is how the profit-makers do it, and this is the way YOU can too!!!

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