What a Dramatic Handicapping Example!!

Every once in awhile I stumble onto something monumental!

Today was one of those “AHA” revelations. In exploring some new functionality in our BETA “Strategizer” application I discovered something very enlightening. SPEED is almost detrimental to your handicapping at Yonkers, where FORM is the key factor. Conversely, at Balmoral, SPEED is THE dominant factor!

You can see from the snippet below, a comparison of three important handicapping factors for both tracks. These numbers are based on CompuBet’s proprietary ratings, and reflect the results you would have achieved had you bet the horse (with the best speed rating, the best class rating, or the best form rating, regardless of what it’s overall CompuBet ranking was) in every race since October first.

As you can see, at Balmoral, you would have made a 45% profit betting on SPEED alone! At Yonkers you would have made a 21% profit betting FORM alone!

Friends, I beg you, please do not underestimate the POWER of this new handicapping resource. You can find hundreds of profitable angles such as this, in only a few minutes time. If you have not yet given this a try, PLEASE, register now, and get in on this money-making, race-winning band wagon. It’s our gift to you, our valued members!!

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