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  1. This short note on the strategizer,Ive recently started using the strategizer.
    With Steve,s help I got it set up to my betting value,s.I am a win/place better for the most part.The past 5 days Ive bet 31 races from Northfield,Saratoga,Dover
    Balmoral,Pompano Park.Ive hit 18 winners rangeing from 2.90 to 8.40.Some of the races I skipped(price to low)but hit many of them.Long story short Ive used my own progressive strategy on the winners.My roi for this period is 41.9%.Yes I know some usuers of the strategizer will say these prices are too low and those that aren,t using the strategizer will same the same.Well I,ll ask are you folks
    getting 41.9% roi? My key to winning is progression betting.I know the strategizer will be around 51% winners so even a small progression method will work with this program for there won,t be long run outs.
    Last comment here, last 5 weeks working on paper plus my own play past 5 nites
    91/172 winners using the strategizer(thats 53%).I play mostly the 1/2 mile tracks,
    personal preference and rarely play exotics.
    This strategizer works,invest the time with your own capping and you,ll make $$$$$.The key with these favorites(low prices)is progression.
    Luck to all you cappers.
    Marty McLean

    P.S.-Steve can help you learn the strategizer,profitably!!!!

  2. Marty, great job on learning Compubets profitable tools. I will send you some e-mails later with more great info! thanks 😀

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