Today’s Thoroughbred Selection of the Day

Mountaineer Park, Race #1

Top pick (#4) looks solid at 5/2 M/L. Probably go off at lower. Should be the logical winner, and the second pick (#1) looks like a lock for the second key. Check that Power Rating gap! Almost an 8-point margin over the third choice. In fact the next three (5, 9, 10) all have similar Power Ratings, and the lowest of them (#9) has a significant advantage over the sixth pick (#2) with a much better speed rating and a huge Trainer/Jockey combo.

Therefore I will play:

  • $10 Exacta 4/1
  • $5 Exacta 4/5-9-10
  • $5 Trifecta 4/1/5-9-10
  • $2 Trifecta 4/5-9-10/1

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