Strategizer for Exacta

Here’s an example of the power of CompuBet using the Strategizer:

In 5 minutes I found a simple Exacta Strategy that’s easy and profitable. The display below shows the results for March 1 through March 28.

For selected tracks, using some very basic criteria, betting $2 Exacta (first two picks over first 4 picks – example 1,2 with 1,2,3,4) = $12 per race. You would have played a total of 372 races, total invested $4,464 and collected $4,636.80. This represents a positive ROI (profit) of almost 4%. But remember, most of these tracks will be getting you at least 5% rewards on top of that, making your overall profit for the month so far of 8%.

If you want to generate consistent profits, and curb your horse racing losses GET ON BOARD WITH COMPUBET AND THE AMAZING STRATEGIZER. This is not gambling any more, its investing!!!

I have shared this strategy (named Exacta Key 2 over 4) so you can save it to your own Strategies, use it, tweak it, and make some money.

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