Saturday January 14th Progressive

I don’t know if you have noticed, but with the winter weather finally finding its stride the races are a little less true-to-form these days. All the more reason to make the most of a win when you get one. Last night looks like a disaster on paper, only two winners in 9 races. The first thing to note is that there were only (9) plays… ON a Saturday night!! With all those races! But….the point is, whatever your handicapping strategy is, you need to stick to it and don’t be too willing to expand your parameters just to get more plays. Better off to double up on the plays that do fit your criteria.

Anyway, back to my day yesterday… Two (2) of nine (9)…. Not GOOD! Would have had a negative ROI of 29% playing straight wagers. But thanks to a nice $10 winner with a $17 wager on it, I came out with a net PROFIT of 17%…!!!

Turn your losing days into winning days! I realize this was a bit of luck here, to nail a $10 winner. If it had been a $2.40 winner I wouldn’t be crowing I’d be crying. But the point is my Progressive approach has been paying off, and I will continue to grow my bankroll and bet with discipline and consistency. Have a great Sunday all!

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