Betting Patterns Info

Betting Patterns Info


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Probably the most highly overlooked handicapping tool available.

If you are not yet familiar with these reports you will be doing yourself a great and valuable service if you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with them, and then use them DAILY as a basis for your wagering approach.

We compile statistics for each harness track on a daily basis. We will soon be doing the same for thoroughbreds. These statistics reflect the success of the CompuBet Selections (ratings) over the recent past. In fact, we tell you how well we have done (in a number of key wagering categories) over the last 30 days and over the last 7 race cards at each track.
That is an important indication of the current trend; improving, or tailing off. It’s clear from our years of monitoring these reports, that our ratings go through cycles, periods of greater success, followed by periods of lesser success, and repeating. I have not totally identified why that is, but knowing is helpful.

Here is an explanation of what the reports provide:

Number of:

  • races in the last month at that track
  • winners on top and percentage
  • times our top pick finished 1st or 2nd, and percentage
  • times our second pick won, and percentage
  • exactas cashed by boxing the top 3 picks
  • exactas cashed by boxing the top 4 picks
  • exactas cashed by keying the top pick over the next 3 horses, and reversing
  • exactas cashed by keying the top pick over the next 4 horses and reversing
  • trifectas cashed by keying the top pick for 1st & 2ndwith the next 4 horses (24 bets)

We then provide the same stats for the last 7 race days at that track.

We also tell you if there was a positive ROI on straight win bets for either the last 30 days or the last 7 race cards.

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