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  1. Last night while watching TV I decided to make a few bets. I decided on Yonkers, Woodbine, Windsor, and Lebanon. Based on our Betting Patterns, these tracks have been producing excellent ROI on win bets (which means the winners are not all chalk). They also show a high percentage of winners in our top two picks.
    The results:
    18 wagers
    $ 114 total wagered
    $ 227 total winnings (6 winning wagers = 33%).

    The good news is that this winning percentage is lower than expected – but the payoffs were quite juicy (one exacta paid $ 170.90) which means we can expect to sustain a profit even if the payoffs are smaller because normally we will do better than 33% success rate.
    I’m using the top two picks with the next 2 or 3 picks (depending onpoint spreads, post positions, and drivers). Maxiumum $8 per race = more often $6.

  2. another great night….. treading water after about 12 races (betting woodbine, Windsor, Lebanon). I was about $20 ahead….thought I’d take my profit and quit. But then I checked the next couple races at Lebanon & Woodbine (Windsor was done)and decided to bet….they both looked good. Hit both!!! $34 @ Lebanon, and $394 at Woodbine…finished up with a huge profit for hte night!!

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