Exciting Finish at Maywood!!

This is a great example of the POWER of CompuBet. We can’t pick all the winners – nobody can. But we can highlight the contenders and using some common sense and logic, find the value bets. In this race our top two picks ended up at 8:5 and 9:5. The 3rd and 4th pick had better odds and higher PRE. So we keyed those two (#2, #5) with the top two and threw in a couple other Long Shots for third. Tri came back $359.20 with the #5 on top. Should have played the Exacta too, came in 5/8 for $99.40. What an exciting race with all our contenders busting through late!! WOW.  http://youtu.be/QzBq67rH4hM

CompuBet Selections, Race 11

Results after an Electrifying Photo Finish!


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