The wager method where you bet varying amounts on two or more horses, based on odds and projected payouts, to insure a profit no matter which horse wins.

This can also be used for exactas and trifectas, but the calculations become a bit more complicated. Using the calculator below, you would actually have to use a slide rule of odds chart to determine the projected odds of various combinations of late odds.

For now, lets focus on WIN bets. Use the calculator below to determine how much to wager on each horse. Decide what your total wager will be per race, and then choose which horses you want to bet (based on late odds) plug in the odds and the program will tell you how much you’ll win if any of your choices wins.  Bear in mind, if you put a couple favorites in your numbers you will greatly diminish your potential winnings. Even one favorite will reduce your potential. But if you can find three or four real “Value” bets, your payouts will far exceed the losses you experience when that “over-bet” favorite wins. Give it a try, you’re gonna love it!!

Here’s a handy DUTCHING calculator

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