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Let me know if you want a customized Strategy for your favorite track or tracks, and whatever your favorite wager type is. I cannot do Daily Doubles or Pick 3’s, etc. Has to be WIN, PLACE, EXACTA, TRIFECTA, SUPERFECTA. If you want to see how it works, let me do the work!

Trifecta Results

Remember a few days ago I sent out a list of the choice Trifecta plays for the day, and they produced a 50% profit. Well here’s a summary of how that particular strategy has performed since then (from April 14 through April 16). This is a $1 Tri part wheel; 1/23/234

Strategizer for April 17th

Here are a few races that do not fit the model for my daily WIN bets. I have several tracks that are performing below “par” and I have to exclude them from my portfolio. It has been a frustration for me and I am determined to tackle the matter and find a way to invest in these tracks. I have come up with a Strategy built specifically for these tracks. It emphasizes speed and class. It has shown a steady profit (on paper) over the last three weeks at what have been the “losing” tracks for the past 6 weeks. Keep an eye on these races and let me know what you think.

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