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Strategizer = $$$$!

From one of our loyal members:

Good evening Steve,wanted to post this on the blog site but can,t get to site.
Anyway 6 days strategizer plays, 40 races bet/27 winners(thats 68%)and using progressive
money management, came away with 26.39% roi.My progressive play is I bet 20% more on my win bet when I have a run out.
Obiously at 68% win rates no long run outs.
9 weeks of strats plays 157/277=56.6% winning rate and just short of 30% roi. Just starting to test out
exacta play on strats pks, but with a 30% roi on win plays will find it hard to play ex.
Thankyou for your time and happy holidays to you and yours.

Nice Winner at Flamboro

Wow, CompuBet top pick “Cold Shadow”, fastest speed rating, with top driver Scott Coulter got the job done at more than 9:1 to pay $21 to win for CompuBet believers, and check it out, paced the mile in 1:56.4 (as compared to the CompuBet projected speed of 1:57.2). Our Speed Ratings are better than ever after 9 months of intensive research and programming changes.

New Exacta Strategy

Hi folks, I’ve been working on some new strategies, and hope to have things working to my satisfaction soon, so that we can unveil the brand new updated Strategizer for all of our members soon. Yesterday I created an Exacta strategy, using our top pick over the next 5 horses (obviously when certain criteria are met, and only for profitable tracks). The Strategy since January 1, 2013 had 71 races that met the criteria (10 tracks were profitable) with an ROI of +92%

Yesterday, there were 5 races that met the criteria (an investment of $25 using a base bet of $1) and two winning bets totaling $50.50 (approximately 100% ROI)

Right on target!

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