Monthly Archives: June 2011

Meadowlands BLOWOUT Thursday!

WOW, fueled by an $85 winner in race #3, CompuBet produced huge profits Thursday at the Big “M” in many categories. Exacta Key $368 Profit, Tri Key $531 Profit, Exacta (Box 4) $843 Profit, Tri (Box 4) $2985.40 PROFIT.

If you are serious about making money betting the horses, you should consider using the Powerful CompuBet reports in conjunction with your own handicapping and wager strategies, study the trends and patterns, and if you like these special reports, I can provide you with the spread sheet template so you can study your own favorite tracks.

Cal-Expo Race 5, Friday, June 3

I know this was pretty much chalk, but check this out. Top four in perfect order. It just shows the Power of CompuBet can and does rate the horses better than any human handicapper, and more importantly produces more exotic wagering success than any other wagering system. It was small potatoes, but a straight exacta, straight trifecta, and straight superfecta, along with a $5.20 Win ticket is a handicapper’s delight!!

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