Monthly Archives: May 2011

Chester Downs on Wednesday: Profits Galore!!!

This is a perfect example of how CompuBet can bring the cream to the top…meaning, our process doesn’t always nail the winners right on top….nobody’s does, but we do one heck of a job highlighting the contenders. On this race card we had only 5 winners on top, all short prices. BUT…. check out these numbers:

  • Exacta (Box 3) $29 Profit
  • Exacta key (top pick with next 3) $28 profit
  • Trifecta (Box 3) $329 profit
  • Trifecta key (top pick with next 3) $159 profit
  • Exacta (Box 4) $42 profit
  • Trifecta (Box 4) $16 profit.

Not all huge ROI categories, but cashing tickets in bunches gives you lots of chances to nail the big one.

Balmoral Boxes HOT!

Only 4 winners on top yesterday, but all around the contenders as usual. Boxing the exacta (top 3) created a profit of $89.40, Boxing four, a profit of $103.80 and boxing top 3 in the trifecta only had one hit but it was a good one, at $333.40 (profit of $213.40)

CompuBet Hammers Cal-Expo!!!

Saturday May 11.  Only six winners in 15 races, largest at $5.40 But…..WOW, the exactas were astonishing!  Using our top pick as a key over the next three generated a very respectable $101.00 Profit (over 100% ROI). And playing our top pick with the next three, with “ALL” in  the trifecta generated a whopping $919.00 Profit….that’s over 200% ROI….!!!

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