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Exacta Wagering

I started to research the potential of my recent brainstorm (Exacta plays using the partial box method explained in my recent forum post). Initial results indicate that it may be something to research further and tweak a little. The theory is ok, but in practice, it’s clear then when our top 4 includes a longshot (10:1 or higher) that almost always becomes a key, both top and bottom. Using a longshot as a key might be counter-productive and create long dry spells! Might be we have to overlook races where one of our top picks is greater than 10:1 (as an example). Still researching, so if you have any input please share. Thanks!

Bonus, bonus, bonus!!

I’m happy to report that we have many members on our wager site that have taken advantage of the $100 March bonus. For any players out there that are contemplating which wager site to use, I want to personally assure you, our sign-up bonuses are REAL and they are exceptional. Whether you choose the $1,000 bonus (after you’ve wagered a total of $10,000) or the immediate $200 bonus, you’ll see that CompuBet is committed to rewarding its members with real, hard, cash! Not just toasters and fanny-packs! Plus our ongoing rewards based on level of play are way over and above what the other sites are offering. So please, don’t delay, sign-up and play today!! HAPPY RACING!

Welcome to the NEW CompuBet!!

Here you can follow any day-to-day hot topics, news, and bulletins from the editor. You can add your comments and respond to the editor’s posts. In the FORUM you can add your own topics, post responses and share valuable information. Soon you will be able to reference particular races and link to the videos for any particular race. I hope this will help us all become better handicappers and find more successful wager strategies. These functions are totally FREE for our valued members. I hope to make this a vibrant clearinghouse for the sharing of all racing information. ENJOY!!

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